[Bigblogx] And my winners are…

Ok, we don’t have the results yet, but i can already tell you with whom i’d love to win.

To begin, Obviously, ideally, i’m in the 16 🙂

and always ideally, i’d love to share this experience with :

  • you, first, my lovely readers
  • and with some of the bloggers i’ve met by the way of the Big blog exchange. So let me giving you their name and don’t hesitate to go on their blogs. They’re so amazing.. (« amazing » seems to be my favorite word in english so don’t be surprise i use it many of times)


Anselmo from Brazil :


it’s the first person with who i talked on the BBE, very easy to speak with and his blog is very nice.


 Belèn from Argentina :

I admit, i don’t understand a word of this blog but it really is amazing ! the pictures are so beautiful and they look nice. (i don’t even know if the participant is the girl of the boy but i don’t mind, is it really important ? (i think it’s the girl, non ?)



Vincent Quek  from Malaysia

becausehe is one more person with who i started talking, and he’s got good reasons that he gives here and that i love :



Maritzi from philippines

Because i love her picture on instagram. So nice shots (of food for many).



Karien from south africa

She runs, she blogs, and she blogs about her run !! so original..even if i HATE running !! (so i guess, it would be better (for her) not to switch my blog with hers 🙂



and if i would choose a french (except me) i would choose Natasha 

because it is a blog that i use to read before the BBE began so..i already know her blog is great…



So, good luck to everyone, and even if bloggers are not in my previous  list i’m looking forward to have the posibility to know many of them better with BBE.

But the suspense is intense…16 lucky winners will have the chance to go somewhere else..but WHO ? (the answer on sept 16th) 🙂


21 réflexions sur “[Bigblogx] And my winners are…

  1. Hey Agrippine,
    Very kind of you to have our names and blogs mentioned on your own blog 😊
    I’m glad to have and many other bloggers as new friends and come to know about your place; I’ll certainly get in touch with each of you once I’m heading to your countries.
    I definitely agree with your list above and all of your comments, I’m also in touch either through email or Instagram with Quek, Belém, Natasha, Karien, Marilzi and many other bloggers.
    This BBE was a nice experience for me, mainly because my blog is young and didn’t have any idea about this blogger community 😜
    I wish of us good luck and that we can be in between the lucky 16 and conveniently get an exchange 😃

    Aimé par 1 personne

  2. Awwww…. that’s so nice of you, Deborah. Merci beaucoup. You are arguably one of the top 3 most active bloggers during the BBE and, on that score, I’m confident you’ll go far in the contest. I agree almost completely with your predictions except for the Philippines; I hope – and believe – Hazel @staybookish will win. She’s such a sweet girl and, above all, a bookworm. Good luck, Deborah!

    Aimé par 1 personne

  3. merci deborah!! we really appreciate it!!!
    we agree with your winners choice.. (specially with us in it! 😉 haha)
    we really enjoyed coming across with such amazing blogs and people full of positive energy from all over the world! and all with one thing in common: sharing experiences!!
    we really hope we could all make it to the exchange… 🙂
    PS: and yes! I am the girl! haha

    Aimé par 1 personne

  4. Belen is probably a girl’s name. 🙂 It’s common in Spanish and it translates to Bethlehem in English (donc ca donnerait Bethleem en francais j’imagine?). Many names in Spanish are related to Catholicism: Jesus, Maria, Concepcion, Inmaculada etc. I will have to check out all these blogs. Good luck with the Big Block Exchange!


  5. Oh hello there agrippine! It’s so great meeting you! And the fellow bloggers above. I definitely agree that this community we have to actually continue. It’s extra- extraordinary that #BBE #bigblogx was able to build this community 😍

    I just hope we get it! If I’m ever in your country, I’ll surely hit you guys up!

    Keep the fire burning for #BBEcommunity2014

    All the best,



  6. I love this word « amazing »… love the sound, love the feeling as you probably do.
    Thanks for your share… Will pay them a visit as soon as I finish my whooooolllle review of my favorite blogs … You were all very productive during my absence !! 😉

    Aimé par 1 personne

  7. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Agrippine – I’m honoured!

    One of my favourite parts of the BBE has been making new blogger friends across the globe – like you! – and the icing on the cake will be swapping countries with one of them!

    Crossing fingers for both of us – I know that you will LOVE my beautiful country South Africa if we should swap!


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